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RuneScape Gold Introduction

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RuneScape Gold News

21/08/2013 - Runescape : Divination Enters Game
Runescape players will be able to access a new skill in the game. Called 'divination', the skill will allow players to create items that will give significant boosts and buffs. According to the dev team, this is the first new skill to enter the .....
18/07/2013 - Runescape : Focused on Emerging Markets
Jagex has announced more plans to expand its properties into emerging markets. After an earlier announcement that a partnership agreement had been inked for the Brazilian market, Jagex has now announced plans to release a Spanish version of Rune.....
27/06/2013 - Runescape : Jagex Expanding to Brazil
Jagex also announced that 2012 was its most successful year ever with staff doubling, profits rising and the company ready to expand with more games and territories, including Brazil. The UK developer announced a partnership with Brazil's larges.....
31/05/2012 - Marks the Jubilee Anniversary celebration for Runescape
This weekend marks the Jubilee Anniversary celebration for the Queen of England and the native developers at Jagex plan to bring the party into RuneScape. Coinciding with celebrations around the world, people will enjoy a feast of British class.....
29/05/2012 - Runescape: Revolutionary Combat Update Announced
Jagex, developers of 8Realms, have just released information on an upcoming patch for their record breaking MMORPG Runescape. Runescape is widely considered to be one of the most popular free to play MMO games available in your browser and is st.....

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